Thomasina H. Williams

About Thomasina

During her 30 plus years as a professional, Thomasina has excelled as a results-driven leader in three different careers – lawyer, philanthropic strategist, and as an executive coach for financially successful
business-owning families and leaders. In addition to her corporate and institutional experience, she has managed her own firm in each of these arenas.

Thomasina is experienced in coaching founders, C-Suite leaders and other senior executives in businesses with annual revenues ranging from $4 million to over $650 million, working effectively one-on-one as well as with entire teams.

Coaching Style

Thomasina’s coaching style is grounded in deep listening, non-judgmental and thought-provoking questions, and an appreciation for the larger organizational context. This enables her to build trust with clients and create an environment in which clients are comfortable sharing freely and surfacing concerns so that the issues can be addressed.
She supports leaders in gaining greater clarity and strategic focus, increasing their self-awareness, understanding their impact on others, as well as seeing and understanding others’ perspectives. Through working with Thomasina, leaders tap into their innate wisdom and cultivate their capacity to successfully navigate change, enhance communication, and constructively manage conflict. As a result, leaders lead themselves and their teams more effectively and are able to bring their best thinking to drive individual, team and organizational success


Thomasina partners with leaders to take responsibility for and manage themselves first. These leaders are then in a better position to effectively lead others and lead productively. Examples of Thomasina’s client engagements include:

  • Successfully partnering with a senior executive who was struggling to communicate cross-functionally. The executive learned to work more collaboratively and strategically both within his team and across the organization. Ultimately, the executive was promoted to lead a significant transaction that was of substantial financial benefit to the company.
  • Effectively coaching both the founding CEO and a COO through major conflicts over leadership and operational styles. Each was able to better understand and appreciate the other‘s perspectives and actions, adjust their personal preferences and leverage their respective strengths. The business was then poised for continued expansion under the shared leadership of the CEO founder and the COO, who is being groomed for the CEO role.
  • During her 20-year career as an accomplished lawyer, Thomasina successfully partnered with various business leaders, HR professionals, and general counsels in a range of employment matters. She represented corporations such as Kodak, Marriott, and IBM in workplace investigations, gender and race discrimination litigation, and negotiating executive compensation packages.

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