Brandon Bontrager

About Brandon

Brandon Bontrager is an accomplished senior business professional with an extensive track record of leading high performing teams across boundaries by providing the leadership and guidance needed to meet key organizational goals and objectives. He has 24 years of Fortune 200 corporate experience with leadership responsibility for regional assets of combined annual revenues in excess of $3 billion. Over the course of his career, Brandon has developed a passion for servant leadership while partnering with individuals and teams to identify and bridge the gap between where they are today and where they want to be at the highest level possible. Brandon enjoys partnering with new and experienced professionals to enhance their leadership capabilities and co-navigating significant career transitions.

Coaching Style

With a very warm and authentic approach and a positive presence, Brandon is quick to earn the trust of key stakeholders, clients, and strategic business partners. He leverages his intuition, life experience, and professional toolkit to deliver a coaching experience that incorporates all aspects of the client’s life. Brandon serves as a “co-pilot” taking the client out of their comfort zone to a place they often don’t anticipate in order to increase self-awareness and uncover certain traps and patterns of behavior. He accomplishes this by creating a safe space for openness and authenticity, which leads to actionable strategies for change and to ultimately bring forth one’s best possible self.

With his diverse business and leadership experience working in large corporations, Brandon excels in motivating and building high-performing teams with a well-rounded understanding of key business objectives.


Brandon believes establishing a trusting relationship is key to a successful partnership – one that allows the client to openly explore while building awareness for one’s actions, triggers, and patterns of behaviors. Together they create an actionable plan and accountability for desired change. Some current examples of Brandon’s work include:

• Successfully working with a Senior Leader of a natural resource company who was seeking a long-awaited promotion. Together they put a strategy in place to identify key stakeholders as well as timing to pitch the client’s idea for a new position in the organization – one that leveraged his key strengths, bridged operational gaps, and increased his level of responsibility. The pitch was received very well by leadership and he was promoted to a role that incorporated some of his ideas with a greater level of responsibility.

• Teaming up with a Senior Leader to work on conflict resolution. Brandon’s client was struggling with a challenging employee whose behaviors were making the client anxious and negatively impacting the team’s morale. Together they explored what was holding the client back, identified certain triggers and patterns of behavior, and observed why this employee was difficult to manage. The client was able to take responsibility for himself as the leader by providing constructive feedback to the employee and implementing an action plan to hold the employee accountable. Through the leader’s actions, the employee’s performance improved as did the morale of the entire department.

• Partnering with a Senior Director-Level professional of a fortune 200 company to navigate a positive career transition. This client was in an uncomfortable and uncertain transition while seeking more balance in life and wanting to better align his passions with his career. They worked together over a 6-month period, and the client was successful in getting his dream job . The work is ongoing as the client transitions into his new role to ensure he is balancing his personal life with a high-pressure senior leadership role in a major corporation.

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