Executive Level Corporate Experience

Personal Executive Experience: P. A. Weiss possesses 25 years of corporate leadership experience. As a former human resources executive P. A. Weiss has successfully led his own progressive and results-oriented teams. Coming up through the ranks in leading blue-chip companies, P. A. Weiss knows how to navigate the often difficult waters of team and political dynamics through his own personal experiences and is able to wisely coach others through the same.

Organizational Change: P. A. Weiss has personally experienced and led aspects of several major corporate change initiatives including: significant growth phases, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, reductions in force and restructurings.

Knowledge of Corporate Functioning: Through his own first-hand experiences, P. A. Weiss knows the typical workings of all the major corporate functions such as IT, finance, accounting, operations, legal, sales, marketing, purchasing, safety and security, facilities, etc..

Organizational Design: P. A. Weiss is especially adept and fascinated with organizational design dynamics. He knows how to best structure organizations and teams to achieve optimal effectiveness and eliminate inefficiencies.

International Experience: In addition to extensive U.S. domestic corporate experience, P. A. Weiss also possesses significant international human resources expertise. This began with his being responsible for setting up Continental Airlines’ international human resources function and continued with Reed Elsevier, a global professional publisher.

Full-Service Provider

Having personally led successful organizations and being trained extensively in organizational theory and practice, P. A. Weiss has developed a broad scope of leadership expertise and is genuinely able to provide a breadth of organizational and leadership services including:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Development
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Leadership Training
  • Organizational Consulting

Thought Leader in Human and Leadership Behaviors

P. A. Weiss is an avid student of leadership and human behaviors and is developing his own reputation as a thought leader in human dynamics in the workplace. Specifically, P. A. Weiss has developed and continues to develop expertise in:

  • Family Systems Theory (specifically, Bowen Theory – a scientific approach to human behavior)
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Leadership Ethics
  • Current neurological research and leadership implications
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Personality-based assessments (i.e. Birkman Method, Hogan, MBTI)
  • Biographies of great leaders

P. A. Weiss participates in an on-going regimen of continuous post-graduate studies in these topics and practices.

Finally, Phillip does not engage in pop “ideas de jour.” He seeks to continue to explore and hone proven approaches that will achieve long-term, sustainable results.

Distinct and Adaptable Processes

Due to his extensive studies and interests, Phillip is able to draw from a variety of resources while executive coaching and providing other services dependent upon the particular needs and demands of the organization and the engagement.

P. A. Weiss is particularly adept at delving into the core essence of issues and determining the best possible approach.

High-End Partnerships and Scalability

Partners and Scalability: P. A. Weiss is extensively connected to other high-end, successful sole providers and is able to utilize them as needed in larger client engagements.

Customization and Agility: As a solo entrepreneur, P. A. Weiss provides unique, custom solutions to clients depending upon the particular needs and demands of the organization and the engagement. Unlike other organizations, he is not limited to inflexible, costly, and burdensome processes.

Quality and Cost-Effective: Due to low overhead, P. A. Weiss Leadership Solutions is able to provide high-quality yet reasonably priced coaching and consulting solutions.

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